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Slim Pouch Gray

NuPrene.co Slim Pouch is our minamalist sling pouch that can be worn as crossbody bag/ sling bag or wristlet.

Made from high quality neoprene material, NuPrene.co Slim Pouch is easy to clean. And like our other NuPrene Bags made from neoprene, you can sanitise them in between washes.

Each NuPrene.coo Slim Pouch includes an adjustable sling/ crossbody strap and wristlet. It can be worn with the detachable, adjustable body strap or carried like a clutch. It also has a dual zippered compartments. One of the compartments has 1 zippered pockets and an open pocket too.

Height: 7.25 inches

Width: 5 inches

Depth: 1.5 inches

Adjustable Strap Length

Shortest: 27 inches

Longest: 50 inches