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How It All Started?

It all began when I bought a neoprene bag online from an Aussie brand for a friend. When it was delivered, I tried it right away. I love the subtle and classy design of the bag. The bag complements my wardrobe and lifestyle perfectly. But it doesn't have many pockets, and it's too big for my body frame. So I said, this bag is not for me.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon an ad selling neoprene bags in GROUPON Australia. We will be going to Vanuatu during that time, so I said, why not buy and bring it to the beach. However, as soon as I've gotten my hands on it, I realized, the neoprene is too thin and unstructured. There were no pockets, no inner linings, no base – it's sloppy. It was like a plastic bag but using neoprene material. It was a TOTAL waste of money.

At this point, I've gotten frustrated and felt I've wasted a lot of money to find the perfect neoprene bag. It was a tipping point.  I said to myself that if I can't find the perfect everyday bag for myself, there are others out there, most especially Filipinas like me, struggling to find theirs too.

For me, the perfect neoprene bag should suit my usual petite Filipina physique quite well. Also, it should be made only from the highest quality material. And lastly, it should have a universal design that would suit everyone and anyone's lifestyle.

But There Are So Many Brands Offering Bags Already, Why Another BAG BRAND? 

I used to buy a lot of designer brands in my past life. These branded bags are not cheap. And because of that, I rarely use them - - for fear that they might get scratched, soiled, or worst, damaged beyond repair.

Unfortunately, the most expensive is the least used bag. Yes, these bags are a joy to own - don’t get me wrong. But maximising the bag relative to it’s price - no, I still need to maximise these bags.

That's why I wanted to have a bag that I can use "EVERY DAY" and "EVERYWHERE". It should be trendy yet still classy; versatile yet functional - a "DEFAULT BAG" that I can use without bothering how it'd look with the clothes that I'd wear for the day or how it'd fit all the things I need to carry with me.

For a busy mom, wife and businesswoman, the bag should be the least of my concerns.

But there's not a lot of brands offering such bag. So I had a thought, why not bring this to the Philippines but, first things first, I need to make this bag better.

At that moment, NuPrene.co was born.

Why Use The Neoprene Material?

There are 3 MAIN REASONS:

  • Light-weight
  • Washable
  • Durable

Is NuPrene.Co A Filipino Brand?

Yes, NuPrene.co is 100% Filipino-owned and operated lifestyle brand.

With our collaborative design team based in Australia and the Philippines, we keep abreast with the latest trends in fashion and strive to tailor fit these to the Filipino lifestyle.