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Box Sling Bag - Ocean Blue

Box Sling Bag - Ocean Blue

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Cool and reserved. Calm yet collected.

The box type Nuprene slingbag in ocean blue perfectly resonates the energy flow in the high seas. With its relaxing color, the neoprene material it's made of adds to the relaxing property to the bag. Soft to the touch, it's lightweight and water resistant. 

With extra space to spare, you can throw in more things compared to other slingbags in the market. That means you can add another wallet, your portable powerbank, or your mini vanity. All of those in one, easy to manage bag.


- Body made from perforated and non-perforated neoprene fabric
- Sailing rope handles provide strength with minimal stretch and weight
- Lining made from water-proof polyester


Length: 8 inches / 20.25 cm

Width: 3.50 inches / 9 cm

Height: 6.75 inches / 17 cm

Strap length: 46.50 inches / 118 cm

Care Instructions

- Hand wash or a gentle /delicate machine cycle wash in cold water with a gentle detergent.
- Rinse thoroughly, drip dry and ensure item is completely dry before use.
- We recommend removing the baseboard and placing bag inside a mesh/lingerie bag before placing in machine.
- A simple lint roller / brush is the best way to remove surface dust and dirt.

Shipping & Returns

Refunds/returns are accepted within 7 days from receipt of the order. A video of the product unboxing upon receipt is required. Please check our FAQs for the complete requirements.

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