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Classic Tote Bag - Navy Blue

Can’t get enough of darker hues but opting for anything but black? Navy Blue is the perfect alternative colour to express power and distinction. Unlike other dim colours, Navy Blue has that unique, regal, and, at the same time, calming aura when worn.

When it comes to medium-sized bags, Nuprene.co Classic Tote Bag in Navy Blue is your “go-to” bag. Aside from its sleek design, the materials are specially crafted to exceed that typical “everyday bag” purpose: It is spacious on the inside, making it an excellent choice for packing other essential belongings. It is drip-proof on the outside, which makes it a vital feature for people on the go  – giving it an edge, compared to other ordinary tote bags in the market.

Choose to be different.

Get your Nuprene Navy Blue Classic tote bag today!


Photos used as reference here might be slightly of different color or shade compared to the actual product due to lighting and the settings of the device you're viewing this page. Consumer discretion is advised.

Length: 35 cm

Width: 15 cm

Height: 30.5 cm

Bag drop: 25 cm

Our NuPrene.co Tote has the following features:
  • Made from high quality neoprene material (95% neoprene in the interior, 5% colored polyester laminated on the exterior)
  • Includes two big zipped pockets on each sides to keep your valuables safe
  • Magnetic clasps on both ends to easily adjust the size of the tote bag to suit your preference
  • Magnetic closure in the middle to secure your belongings
  • Removable base for added stability and structure when needed
  • Metal eyelets around the rope straps
  • Light-weight, washable and durable