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Mini Tote 2.0 - Red

Mini Tote 2.0 - Red

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Sale Sold out Mini Tote 2.0: Red (black strap)

In reality, it’s either you love RED or you don’t. Mini Tote 2.0 can be a bit flashy for others but it also serves as a perfect accent for those who loves to wear black or neutral colors. A good mix of a bold sophistication and power, Mini Tote 2.0 gives a extra boost to your confidence without compromising the quality and versatility.

Fabricated from 100% neoprene material, this bag is useful for any season – resilient to moisture and drips while designed to provide enough space for essential accessories to fit your fast-paced lifestyle.


Body made from perforated neoprene fabric


Length: 11 inches / 28 cm

Width: 5.75inches / 14.50 cm

Height: 9.50 inches / 24 cm

Bag Drop: 6 inches / 15.25 cm

Care Instructions

- Hand wash or a gentle /delicate machine cycle wash in cold water with a gentle detergent.
- Rinse thoroughly, drip dry and ensure item is completely dry before use.
- We recommend removing the baseboard and placing bag inside a mesh/lingerie bag before placing in machine.
- A simple lint roller / brush is the best way to remove surface dust and dirt.

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