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Marle Grey

Once a dormant color, the shades of grey has found itself a spot not only in the world of architecture and design but also in the fashion industry.

Charcoal grey. A radical type of hue that embodies neutrality and practicality. The best trait objects with charcoal grey shade are that it is a safe color in terms of dirt and dust stains, unlike other lighter hues. Charcoal grey is also close to being dark without looking gloomy and poignant — a perfect match for people with an edgy fashion sense.

Nuprene Ziti Tote Bag in Charcoal Grey can be worn for all seasons, given its neutrality is an advantage to other tints. The timeless trait of the grey color displays finesse and androgyny, which is a perfect blend to the modernity of our world today.

An ideal additional item for your vanity collection that showcases both functionality and design.

As unique as its name, Marle Grey is a shade between dark and light but with a twist. It isn’t your typical grey color. It is a combination of taupe grey with a subtle hint of white and black in its texture. A tone of flair and ambition.

Nuprene Ziti Tote Bag in Marle Grey color is not just an ordinary tote bag. It is adaptable to any casual and non-casual events and can be used throughout the day. It is made from genuine neoprene fabrics paired with a nautical rope as handles to match a hectic day. It is splashproof and could withstand protecting your valuables from extreme weathers.

Ziti Tote bags are a regular-sized shoulder bag that can fit a 13’ laptop or a pair of regular-sized sneaker shoes – the perfect paraphernalia for active women.

Office and gym-ready? Discover Nuprene Tote Bags today.


Photos used as reference here might be slightly of different color or shade compared to the actual product due to lighting and the settings of the device you're viewing this page. Consumer discretion is advised.

Length: 37 cm (top); 26 cm (base)

Width: 15 cm

Height: 26 cm

Bag drop: 25 cm

Our NuPrene.co Tote has the following features:

  • Made from high quality neoprene material (95% neoprene in the interior, 5% colored polyester laminated on the exterior)
  • Includes two big zipped pockets on each sides for your valuables
  • Has zip closure
  • Removable base for added stability and structure when needed
  • Metal eyelets around the rope straps
  • Washable and durable