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10 Essential Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Handbag

Women are fond of changing their handbags often but they don't necessarily change their essential items. Being aware of their needs is important to help them stay organized. This is why the team at Nuprene put together a list of essential things every woman should carry in her handbag to help her stay productive.

neoprene essential handbags


Cardholders and bags go hand in hand. While we think of cardholders as being more of a male accessory, there are plenty of stylish, practical options available for all genders. We must remember to take our card bundle, which will include a range of debit and credit cards, as well as the loyalty cards that we must have for all shops.


A handbag is not complete without a wallet. There are different sizes of wallets and it's up to you. You can put all your cards (if you don’t have a cardholder) and some cash.

Make-up Bag

This is one of the most important items that every lady should have in her make-up bag. At the very least, you'll need lipstick or lip balm, mascara, and eyeliner.

Sanitizer and Mask

Never forget to bring your sanitizer and mask to keep you and your community safe.

Comb or Hair Brush

A comb or a hairbrush is another essential item to include in your tote bag. Weather conditions can cause hair to grow unruly throughout the day. As a result, our recommendation is to keep a small hairbrush in your handbag at all times so that you are always prepared when you’re out.

Tissue or Wipes

Another essential thing to carry on a tote bag is wipes or tissue. You can have some wipes in your bag that you use for cleaning your hands and face. We also keep a lot of things in our bags and most of them make a mess. Nobody will like it if the stuff they carry with them gets smeared. These make cleaning easy and fast. They clean your things quickly and are very useful.


It is a fact that we are very much attracted to the people who wear perfumes. You can get the best thing to carry on a tote bag is perfume.


Don’t forget to bring with you your keys. Why not put an extra set in your handbag if you have one?

Charger or Portable Charger

Who hasn't experienced the disappointment of a dead smartphone? So, make sure to carry a charger with you so that you can charge your phone on the go.


A pen is an essential thing to carry with you because with a pen you can note down the things that you need to remember. When you least expect it, you will need it.

A handbag is useful for a lot of things. Besides being the perfect accessory for a day of shopping, you can use it to carry your laptop or tablet, your gym clothes, or even your lunch and snacks. But no matter how many things you carry, you have to have a few essential items in your bag, so you're prepared for any situation. Visit for essential handbags.

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