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NuPrene.co is only available for online purchases.

You can either make your purchases via our website or through our social media accounts.

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We accept payment via PayPal and credit card. Credit card payments are processed via paypal facility.

Should you wish to pay via bank deposit please engage us via direct message (DM) on

Facebook: NuPrene.co

Instagram: NuPrene

Standard delivery takes approximately 2-3 working days for Manila deliveries and 3-4 working days for provincial deliveries.

Manila: Php 250

Provincial: Php 350

During publicly declared holidays and Christmas season, expect the increase of orders. Please allot an additional 2 to 3 working days on the expected arrival date of the item.

NuPrene.co is not liable for any delivery delays caused by any fortuitous events or force majeure. We will, however, do our best to coordinate with the courier services for speedy delivery.

For international deliveries, please message us through social media accounts and we will process your orders manually. Delivery fees vary depending on the country and size of the package.

NuPrene.co Tote Bags are made of neoprene fabric (i.e soft and flexible) and flat-packed when delivered. Creases might appear as a consequence of shipping but don’t worry. Upon receiving the package, insert the rectangular baseboard, hang it and leave it for at least three hours. It will resume its original shape by then.

Creases might still be there but they'll fade out as you use the bag.

NuPrene.co Tote Bags are durable but not indestructible. Like any other bag, it needs love and care to last long as well.

Avoid making contact to coarse surfaces. When using its components (i.e. sling and zipper), make sure to provide enough support.

To get rid of accumulated grit and dirt due to everyday use, you can pop it in your washing machine for non-metallic/ matte bags and wash by hand for the metallic designs.

Place the NuPrene.co bag inside a washbag to avoid the rope handles getting tangled inside the washing machine. Don’t forget to use a mild detergent and fabric softener. If needed, a gentle stain remover can be used on surface stains prior to washing.

To dry, simply hang on a coat hanger overnight at room temperature. Make sure you hang it in a shaded and airy area.

Don’t expose to direct sunlight or any form of heat, it may cause irreversible damage to the product. Also, don't iron it or apply steam on it. Do not dry clean or tumble dry too.

A lint roller can be used to remove any loose fibers and threads that may attach to the surface of your NuPrene.co bag from any clothing worn.


We here at Nuprene.co values our clients’ satisfaction. And we make sure that every bag meets a metric of high standard to ensure our patrons’ satisfaction.

If you receive a faulty item (i.e. damaged zippers, etc.), chances are they may have slipped the meticulous eyes of our Quality Control team. Should you receive an item that is not in perfect condition please contact us via email or our social media accounts immediately so we can address your concerns right away.

  • Items should be returned within three (3) days of receipt.
  • Items should be returned in their original packaging to ensure they are adequately protected in transit.
  • Returns outside these time frames may be accepted at the discretion of NuPrene.co.

We at NuPrene.co have the right to refuse conduct business to any entity or organization who refuses to respect our company policies and employees.