Post Guidelines

    • All posts must be videos.
    • All videos must be new and posted Aug 10 onwards.
    • All posts must be made from a public account.
    • Posts must be on your TikTok feed.
    • Posts must include #nupreneclub in the caption.
    • Posts must tag @nupreneclub.
    • Posts must visibly display a NuPrene bag.
    • If you are an affiliate, please add the product as the video’s yellow basket
    • We'll only accept high-quality videos that meet our criteria for excellence.
    • Posted videos may be used as ads by NuPrene on our social media channels.


    You will receive special discount vouchers once you post your NuPrene Tiktok videos. Discount vouchers can be exclusively used only on our website:

    • Avid Fan

      One (1) TikTok
      Video Post
      150 off voucher

    • Super Fan

      Two (2) Tiktok
      Video Posts
      350 off voucher

    • Mega Fan

      Three (3) Tiktok
      Video Posts
      500 off voucher

    • #1 Fan

      Four (4) Tiktok
      Video Posts
      700 off voucher

    We love to see

    • Good Quality

      Make sure to have good lighting and proper angles for high resolution videos.

    • Emphasis

      Show off your bags! We love to know what you love about it and how it has become part of your lives.

    • Creativity

      Create different kinds of videos showcasing how you are enjoying the bags. You can enjoy it alone or even with others!

    • Happiness

      Keep a positive mindset and just have fun through showing your support and love for the brand and our community.

    Sample Videos



    Terms and Conditions

    Post must visibly display any NuPrene bag to be eligible

    NuPrene may use social club member’s videos marketing purposes

    NuPrene may update the rewards program at any time