Are Tote Bags Better Than Regular Bags For Work, Vacation, and College?

Are Tote Bags Better Than Regular Bags For Work, Vacation, and College?

As we approach the middle of the year, people are planning out their lives in preparation for summer. It’s a great way to start a break, isn’t it? Long holidays, summer parties, summer job opportunities you name it, it’s one of those months where people get excited about.

If you’re planning to carry something with you like chargers, extra clothes, sun-screen, books, etc etc. The obvious ones you’d bring along would be backpacks, strollers, or maybe even one of your suitcases if that’s what you’re into. 

Now, tote bags are unique, but they’ve been around since the 1940s so what makes them stand out? So, here are some of the reasons as to why you would definitely want a tote bag!

Easier to get your items and handle

The thing about tote bags is that it’s pretty easy to get the items you need. While walking you tend to usually stop moving around to check if you need to grab something but with tote bags all you need to do is reach down to grab it. Unlike backpacks where you gotta flip it around and unzip it, or a stroller where you have to stoop down to pull out things, or that clutch bag that you have to carry with you around. 

The Wide Variety of Materials and Creativity

Tote bags can be made out of a wide-variety of materials ranging from leather to neoprene fabric, cotton, etc etc. The options are huge, and you can pick whatever you like! They are also pretty durable because of how they’re made and don’t easily tear and get worn out - but you still have to wash them properly from time to time. Ever wanted to paint on them? Sure, the fabric won’t get ruined. Want to add some prints? No problem, no biggie at all! So if you’re going out on the beach don’t get too worried to leave it under the sun or in the sands, tote bags will remain the same in quality.

Recyclable and Eco-friendly

Yes, you heard me, they are recyclable and can be used for a variety of purposes. If your tote bag is getting old you can simply put it for other uses like having small aprons for your kids, makeshift gloves, an alternate shopping bag you can use regularly on the go, and all that good stuff so you don’t have to waste them away in the attic (or where ever you put abandon items).

If you’re ever interested in buying a tote bag, checkout Nuprene neoprene tote bags.

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