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Basic Steps on How to Maintain a Neoprene Tote

Neoprene Tote

For bag junkies like you and me, collecting bags is not just a hobby but an addicting lifestyle. As we mature, we learn the importance of not compromising quality and comfortability over style and form. Bag connoisseurs who are keen on the make and material of the product know that neoprene tote bags are sturdy. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is resistant to dirt.

There are times when we can’t avoid rushing to meet deadlines, and when we are in a hurry, we are more prone to accidents, thus harming our precious totes in the process. Bags are susceptible to spills and dust smudges since it’s used on a daily basis. The more frequent we use the same bag for a period of time, the more it collects dust, and, unfortunately, in some cases, the colour and design also fades.

How to Care for Your Neoprene Items

With Tote Bags, rest assured that leakages easily drip off and stains are easy to remove. But how do we maintain the lustre and crispness of our neoprene bags? Here are simple ways of keeping your bag in mint condition and almost brand new. 


Always store your bags in an open-air ventilated area. Avoid wrapping them in plastic, since it can promote moisture as a natural way to relieve heat buildup from any types of materials resulting in mold. And who would want to deal with that?

If you’ve got a small cabinet or organizer, neatly arrange your bags according to size and shape. Keep a space between each item to prevent contact from bags made of other types of fabric. It is a must to keep your pouch from sharp handles or corner. You can stuff it with a few pieces of bubble wrap for it to maintain its structural dignity.

Planning to store it for a prolonged period of time? You can store it flat to save on space. Before reusing it, hang it on a coat hanger for a good 24 hours for it to retain its original shape. Inserting a few paperbacks to counter as the weight can hasten the process. 

First Sign of Stain

Immediate spot cleaning is necessary on the immediate sighting of fresh stains. Although neoprene fabrics are tough, it still needs proper care to maintain its top form. Cleanse it with cold water and mild detergent – strictly hand wash for metallic finished bags and gentle machine washing for bags with a matte finish. Avoid soaking them for long hours as it may damage the snap fasteners.

Wet or Dry Towels?

To get rid of stains, always start with semi-wet towels to rinse off the spot. And remember to finish off with a dry napkin to free your totes from attracting dust. Dust off the dirt from your bags with a lint remover or roller.

The number one rule in keeping your belongings looking brand new is to handle it with love and care. neoprene tote is the best candidate for women with an active lifestyle. It’s versatile and chic. Definitely an excellent addition to your collection. Are you interested in trying out a new type of bag for daily use? Discover for a top of the line neoprene tote bags with trendy designs with outstanding quality.

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