Red Neoprene Tote Bag

Genuine Splash Proof Neoprene Bag

A lot of us have no time to properly take care of our bags? Productive and busy women with an active lifestyle often have little to no time to even bother giving their bag the TLC it deserves. Admit it or not, most of us feel compelled to purchase a new bag or accessory  whenever our old ones look dusty or feel out of season. What if we say that there is a new trend of bags that requires less maintenance and it goes perfectly well with any daytime and casual outfit? Say goodbye to your old pouches and totes, and say hello to the new line of neoprene bag Philippines. Introducing Tote Bags, the next-generation “go-to” bags.

If you are an enthusiast of watersports or water activities, then you might have heard of neoprene fabric – since most swimming apparel and outdoor cloth-based accessories are made from it. Neoprene or polychloroprene is a synthetic material fabricated from polymerisation to produce a rubberlike textile.

What makes it an outstanding material for bags is its ability to resist water – giving maximum protection to your valuables. Flexible and stretchable – everyday wear and tear is minimised. Tote Bags

Because of its texture, the product design displays elegance and, at the same time, a contemporary appeal which makes it a timeless piece. We have a variety of sizes that ranges from small-sized sling bags to medium-sized backpacks and totes to large CarryAll Bags, exhibiting distinct colours to match your persona. bags are easier to maintain since it’s made from genuine neoprene material compared to cotton canvas, and other handbags made from cloth. On top of that, they are less bulky than leathered ones.

Our tote bags are ideal for office or school use, a caddy bag for nursing moms, and a tote bag for outdoor activities – since it is water-resitant and could withstand light rains and light coffee spills. The bag is so versatile that you can utilise it to carry your laptop, to carry goods from grocery shops, or even sports auxiliary when you go to the gym.


How To Maintain A Neoprene Tote

If you accidentally stain your newest bag, spot-clean the area with a wet napkin. Use a mild soap to soften the patch, then carefully rub off the dirt. Our bags are designed to sturdy, alright, but to ensure its maximum lifespan, avoid getting it in contact with rough surfaces and sharp objects. Any fabric’s worst enemy is oil and grease. Once it makes contact with the bag’s surface, the stain can penetrate which makes it harder to remove. Which is why the golden rule is to be cautious and attentive to your surroundings.

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