The Essential Guide to Nuprene Women's Bags

The Essential Guide to Nuprene Women's Bags

Handbags are the one thing that no woman can live without because of their necessity to carry makeup and toiletries or for more fashionable reasons. There are so many different styles at all sorts of prices that it's possible to find one for absolutely everyone. But how did this vast variety of handbag options develop? 

In this article, we are going to give you a guide to some interesting background information on these handy accessories and their development into the collection of fashion items they are today.

Handbags of All Shapes and Sizes

It is a fact that the number of handbags in the world has increased massively in the last few years. Handbags are truly one of the most versatile fashion accessories known to man and these styles have become very popular in recent years. 

It seems like every designer these days is coming up with a new idea for an innovative handbag, and if you're interested, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of them all at once, but don't worry - we've compiled a list here for you so you can see which styles are currently in trends and what they are called when handbags are slightly different from handbags. Do you have one of each?

Tote Bags


The tote bag has become the most fashionable type of handbag today. They are large and roomy, which makes them very versatile. A bag is one of the most convenient and cute ways to carry your essentials every day. 

They serve as the perfect definition in that they are roughly the same size as most other handbags, but with two much more stylish parallel handles that can be detached at the top - great for easy access!

Made from a range of different fabrics and using multiple colors and patterns, tote bags have become very popular over time due to their wide variety and timelessness. Ours right here in Nuprene is made out of Neoprene fabric which is a recent material that is durable and resistant to a lot of things to keep your bag long-lasting.

Travel Bags


Are you the type to go out a lot? And I mean, to far away places outside of your area. Well, here we have the travel bags. Neoprene travel bags are small albeit amazingly light, convenient and lightweight. It’s also pretty easy to take care of as you can use spray alcohol or warm water. Like most bags here in Nuprene, the travel bags have an adjustable sling/strap. It also includes several inner pockets for you to fit in other ‘extra’ items.

Whether you're going on a weekend getaway or traveling overseas for a family wedding, choosing the perfect travel bag is always worth the time and effort. A great travel bag allows you to be more flexible on the go. 



Backpacks are the perfect ergonomic accessory for people who want functionality to match their outfit. There are so many options available. One can choose from a huge selection of backpacks of different styles, fabrics and designs. If you are smart with your combinations, your OOTD (outfit of the day) with your stylish backpack could be quite the trend!

Nuprene backpacks are a ‘MUST’ and I mean they offer a lot. Just like all these products they are neoprene making it lightweight and adds less stress to your shoulders. 

Sling Bags


Sling bags are like the best of both worlds; they're stylish and capable. These bags have all of the perks necessary for anyone to leave their wallet, phone, and keys at home and travel with just this one bag tucked under the arm. 

One can go out with a sling bag during the day or evening easily: it's fashionable enough to carry around during a business meeting or quick hike along with other functional pockets that keep us organized even when on-the-go

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