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Year 2020: Supersize Neoprene Bags Are In

The Cosmopolitan Magazine has declared it: although the trend for tiny handbags is in, the fashion industry is deliberately expanding (pun intended) when it comes to large or upsized bags. Supersized bags are thriving, not only because they deliver what is expected from them, but they also relate to the lifestyle of women in today’s era. Fun-loving, hardworking, and active women are taking over and running the world. neoprene bags are an example of a revolutionized product ideal for women on-the-go – the CarryAll being the largest in its line of versatile totes.

Nuprene.Co Neoprene CarryAll Tote Bag

Move over canvas tote bags, because neoprene bags are here! Say goodbye to your old standard tote bags and say hello to Carryall tote bags.

Our bags are precisely crafted to meet the demands of an active lifestyle. The fabric is from genuine polymerized polychloroprene cloth called neoprene, a material intended for watersports and outdoor activities, with nautical ropes as a sling to exhibit ultra-strength and durability to carry heavy handheld parcels.

Our tote bags are extraordinary-looking. They are designed to achieve that everyday bag fashion where it can be used on any casual and semi-casual events. The appearance is so sleek that it often gets mistaken for a luxury bag instead of being an ordinary tote bag– it’s large in size but doesn’t look bulky.

Advantages Of Nuprene.Co Neoprene Bags

As the demand for waterproof bags is increasing, the numbers of unreliable brands have also infiltrated the market, making it even harder to select the best type of bags that are ideal for you. Luckily, thanks to the innovative incorporation of industrial designing, neoprene bags are created. Here is a list of the following reasons why our tote bags are the best type of bags for people with a dynamic lifestyle:

Splashproof – avoid stain and spillage contamination outside and inside the bag.

Durable – the material is smooth but sturdy, designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

Trendy – sleek design, perforated for air ventilation but resists water seepage.

Valuable – the price is worth it, as bags are reliable and, with proper care, could last longer than standard bags.

Versatile – can be worn and matched to any informal or smart casual outfits and for daytime and overnight event.

At, we are dedicated to giving our customers an experience that’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed and the best neoprene tote bags in the scene. We’re also providing our loyal customers with a 10% discount when they subscribe to our newsletter. 

So what are you waiting for? Welcome the year 2020 with the latest and most versatile neoprene bags in the country. For more information, visit our official website at today.


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