best tote bags philippines

Best Tote Bags in the Philippines

There's no doubt that the Philippines has a booming fashion industry. With a plethora of talented designers and an influx of global fashion brands setting up shop in the country, there's never been a better time to source tote bags made in and for the Philippines. 

We’ll be showcasing some of the best tote bags that you can find in the country, as well as reasons why you should buy them and where you can buy them from. Put in mind this blog, we are listing down the most interesting and worthwhile tote bags that we think you should go and check out - with their brands included.

Legazy Baybayin Tote Bags Bayong Lunti

This right here stands out a lot in terms of design. You might have not seen anything like this before! But this right here, takes its inspiration on old Filipino culture and history before the arrival of Spanish Conquistadors.

The strap for the tote bag contains words from the original language of the Philippines. Despite its large appearance it’s actually very lightweight and doesn’t stress the shoulders too much! 

'Show yourself some love' tote bag 

Looking for something cute and simple? Well, the AestheticStudios from the Philippines has a tote bag just for you! The ‘show yourself some love’ tote bag is a very minimalistic, but refreshing artsy bag with a feel-good design! 

Classic Tote Bag

best tote bags philippines

We can’t end this blog just yet without showcasing something from Nuprene? Although this may look like a normal classic tote bag (with style), the Nuprene Classic Tote Bag is actually a unique one of its own as it's made of a durable and high-quality product called Neoprene. 

It doesn’t wear out as easily as most bags and includes several features that can be made adjustable based on the clients needs.

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