Best Everyday Handbags in Philippines

Best Everyday Handbags in Philippines

Do you want to go on a shopping trip to the Philippines but aren’t familiar with the local brands? Well, believe it or not we do have our very own brands manufactured here. If you’ve watched the movie Crazy Rich Asians you’ll notice that some of the handbags were designed by a Filipino, plus celebrities have carried Philippine-made handbags at events like the Gala.

Here in this article, we're going to showcase to you the best everyday handbags that you can buy from the Philippines! 

Hand Woven Bags

Best Everyday Handbags in Philippines
Buri Bayong Bag with Organizer from KulturaFilipino

Ask a Filipino eldery or someone familiar with it and they'll tell you that hand-woven bags made of rattan palm, buri palm, or palm trees in general are rooted in our history and culture. They have long been used not only for storage but also as status symbols.

Moreover, palm weaving is one of the best ways for a rural woman to earn and provide food and necessities for her family. But don’t be discouraged if you aren’t into old school bags used in the past. There are thousands upon thousands of modern and unique designs for these bags.


ALT Manila bags

Best Everyday Handbags in Philippines

A classic London Mini from Alt Manila

Started back in 2011 by Aimee Pua, Lyndy Ong and Therese Syling Alt Manila launched their products into the world. Alt Manila handbags, although minimalist in design, are actually very convenient.

Their bags include multiple features such as lock compartments (for anti-theft), water-repellant, and multiple pockets. If you’re into a more minimalistic approach but still want to look great, I’d recommend you Alt Manila.

Ni Qua Handbags

Here in this list, we have another unique brand, Ni Qua, that produces handbags not just for women but also for men. Each side has their own distinct style that suits the taste for both sides. 

Like every other brand here, majority of the raw materials are from the Philippines, even adopting the Filipino aesthetic into them. Their products are very genuine as they are made from actual animal-leather so are very delicate.

Nuprene Neoprene Handbags

Best Everyday Handbags in Philippines

CarryAll Bag - Matte Black by our Nuprene

How can we no forget our very own brand? Yes, it’s our very own Nuprene Handbags - the bag made out of high-quality material called neoprene! Not just neoprene but also materials like polycarbonate and polyester.

For all those who are new to Nuprene, we provide handbags that are resistant to many external effects (water, cold, heat, etc. etc.) and physical damage. This is the same material that is used in diving suits (not too resistant to shark bites but it stacks the odds) and industrial items.

It is an impressive bag not just in style but also in quality. So you can have this bag for a long time and it would still look as clean and smooth just as it was bought off a store. 

Look at our guide on the top 5 perfect Nuprene bags just for you!

Here in Nuprene we love to showcase the various forms of handbags that are high-quality in Asia and beyond. Oh, and don’t forget to follow our guide about Nuprene bags if you’re getting started on what to buy.

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