Everyday Bags and How to Maintain Them

Everyday Bags and How to Maintain Them

We all love to keep our things clean and presentable; it’s an essential to making sure you look presentable. This is especially true for our accessories, like our handbags! Whether or not you care, keeping your bag in good quality and not looking withered is important

And I mean that, because not only do you save money by keeping the same bag but also because you can still look fresh with your handbag wherever you go! Here in this blog, we want to show you how you can maintain everyday bags that you own!

Clean Them, Dust Them, Wash Them, But Not Too much

This one is easy, but put in mind that everybody is made of a different material. Some bags require warm water with a small bit of dish soap, other bags require regular soap, and some can be used in a washing machine: like our neoprene bags.

Everyday bags are taken care of differently and you might need to be mindful of what things you use. Also, another addition is to only do it IF your bag is starting to build of stains and dirt - we don’t recommend you to do it everyday since it may start fading.

Put Them In The Right Location

You might not think too much about this, but this is important and we’ll tell you why. Hanging your bags can be a problem and leaving them out in hot places (depending on the material) can cause them to wear and tear. Best solution, keep them in the shade on a shelf around your house. 

You won’t forget where you placed them if you leave them on a shelf upright and it won’t stress the strap since you’re not leaving it to hang.

Get A Repair

It can be a hesitant choice, but trust me, it’s better to make small fixes at a store than buy a whole new bag again for a replacement. Fun fact, fashion industries destroy their own bags every year if they aren’t sold - some of them even burn those bags which can be bad for the environment. So every bag thrown is a waste, in all honesty you can make a good investment if you repair your bags and then sell them.

The advice here is simple, but believe me when I tell you that you won’t have to worry about your bag looking bad. Your everyday bags won’t need to be replaced anymore nor do you need to throw them away. 

So before you leave, take a minute to maintain and clean your belongings!

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