Nuprene: Perfect Bags To Carry With You

Nuprene: Perfect Bags To Carry With You

Trends come and go, but fresh bag fashions of all types enter the realm of today's style, and we eagerly look for those items. At the moment, you might be thinking, “Should I go for a new purse? Or maybe stick with my trust handbag?” Well, in this article we are going to introduce to you one of our top 5 bags from our very own Nuprene store! No need to worry about scrolling for hours to look for the perfect bag when you can find yours here!


Van-Ya Black

van-ya black

Our first on the list, is our iconic Van-Ya Black! It’s a little luggage bag that you can bring around with you on all of your travels. It’s one of our most beloved products and a best-seller in our store. The Van-Ya bag is one of those bags that are extremely easy to use and take care of and here’s why. They’re lightweight and clean, and if you’re tired of constantly carrying them around or stuffing them in a bigger one you won’t have to worry as they have an adjustable sling (which you can remove by the way). 

Like many of our products in Nuprene, its materials are of the highest quality which makes it a lot more durable than it looks. For more information you can view it by clicking here.

Classic Tote - Charcoal Grey

Neoprene Classic Tote

It's a simple, yet appealing style that has captured the attention of many of our buyers! If you think the color grey seems a little mundane to you, think again! The Guardian published an article as to why this particular color has become such a craze within the fashion industry. Designers see it as the style that people can see themselves wearing and even an increase of sales! 

If you're curious about what these bags have to offer, not only does it perfectly complement your looks - regardless of what you wear - but it’s made out of neoprene fabric. This durable material is generally stronger and more resistant than regular fabric which makes it the perfect bag to carry everywhere.

You can buy this product at our store.

Backpack - Peach Pink

neoprene backpack

The next item on this list is something that might peak your interest if you're a fan of fashionable backpacks. The Peach Pink, is a cute little backpack made for everyone regardless of gender and age. 

It doesn’t stress out your shoulders nor is it too bulky to carry on your back but it definitely stands out as its own unique item. Peach Pink offers you a comfortable experience due to the fact that it’s lightweight and water-resistant like most bags here. Need a backpack to bring with you at school or work? Peach Pink is the right item to buy for yourself!

Box Sling Bag - Ocean Blue

neoprene sling bag

Ocean Blue, a colorful sling bag that fits the cool summer vibe if you’re heading to the beach. This easy-to-carry bag brings comfort to the shoulders and is very soft despite it being made of neoprene fabric. Like other products here, it is waterproof which allows you to take it to the beach or the swimming pool.

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